Friday, November 2, 2012

Kirkin' O' th' Tartan

This past Sunday we went to the Kirkin' O' th' Tartan. Every year on Reformation Sunday {usually the last Sunday in October} we attend this special service at the First Presbyterian Church in Salt Lake. Kirkin' O' th' Tartan means the blessing of the tartans {or families}. Every year the minister gives each clan a special blessing. My husbands family has gone for as long as he can remember to celebrate their Scottish roots.

It really is an amazing service. Complete with a full procession from the Salt Lake Scots bagpipe band and a social hour {with complementary shortbread}. We look forward to this service every year. We are all obsessed with the bagpipes {especially the kiddos} and the blessings are always beautiful. If you are local you should definitely check it out.

{trying} to get a group shot

Right after the procession of the Salt Lake Scots. 

The backs of Senator Hatch and Governor Herbert's heads. We sat two rows behind them. {See...this service is a big deal}

Chloe and Grandma Karen

Jaxon in his plaid. 

They gave every kid a goodie bag before the service. Complete with snacks, crayons, paper, stickers and a DIY bookmark kit. Genius. 

Evie and Chloe decked out in plaid, sharing snacks. 

Staying quite with their goodie bags. 

Nichole and I after the service. We were feeling the same color palet. 

Nichole, Evie and Justin

My cute fam. 

Chloe rolling in the grass after the service. 

Best friends. 

This will go in their wedding slideshow. 

Chloe enjoying some shortbread. 

Nichole, Kenzie and I

Chloe and Jaxon with Grandpa George. 

Can't wait till next year!

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  1. How cool is this?? I seriously love bag pipes! Super cute outfit by the way!