Friday, June 29, 2012

Stop Being Fat! Friday.

As I sat down to write this post, I really struggled on what to say. I haven't been feeling like this was a 'good' week for me. And I wasn't sure why? I've been eating good, and making it to the gym. But I didn't make it to Zumba once this week, and the scale hasn't gone down at all. However as I thought about it I realized that this was a good week for me. 

This week I have continued with the 5K runner app. I am still loving it. I'm done with week 2 now, and only have 6 weeks to go. It seems like FOREVER! But as I was finishing up my run last night I was thinking about how I felt like I had just started the program and already I am 25% of the way done. (Pats self on back).

I have also done circuit training twice this week and I want to continue that as well. I have done this before but never consistently.  I still have a long way to go, but already I can feel a difference since starting this program. Not in my weight or inches or anything, but I just feel good.  I have so much more endurance. I don't notice it while running, but now on the bike or the elliptical, doing levels I used to never be able to do are now a piece of cake. My muscles hurt. Muscles that haven't hurt in years. And it's a good kind of hurt.

Thank you for all your comments! I had no idea so many of you were runners and have done this program too. I really want you all to do the 'RunTheRave' with me! 

And thank you for your snack ideas. I've been trying them out and I have to say thank you Rachel for the tips on the fruit salad. I made a huge bowl of delicious fresh fruit earlier this week and I have munching on it all week. I never knew that adding a little lemon juice and honey would do the trick. (Keeps it all fresh, and the honey takes away the tartness of the lemon.) It seriously has stayed nice and fresh and crisp all week and has saved me from numerous cookies.

So although I am bummed about Zumba (it really makes me happy!) I guess I did have a good week. I need to remember not to focus so much on the numbers. Yes I want/need to lose weight but my overall goal has always been to get healthy. And this week I am feeling healthy.

What do you do to keep your motivation up? 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

WIWW: Family Day Edition

Monday was a wonderful day. It consisted of water gun fights, fishing, sitting in the kiddie pool, lunch picnic, friends, Chuck E Cheese, Menchies and finally the park. 

Chloe's bikini: Old Navy. Jaxon's swim trunks: Target. Both their hats: H&M

The kids have been loving playing in the water. They love it even more when their friends come over!

I figured I better change out of my swimsuit before heading to Chuck E Cheese. But I wanted to be comfy since I new hours of chasing kids was in store for me. So this is what I threw on.

My awesome 'Vinyl is Final' Tank: Cotton On. Under tank: Whimsy. Jeans: Old Navy. Shoes: TOMS. Watch: Fossil. Earrings: Cavalcade (painted by me)

This was the first time I had been to Chuck E Cheese in YEARS. The kids loved it, and other than the tantrums they threw when we were leaving I loved every second of it.

What Jaxon wore: Shirt & Shorts: Target. Shoes: Converse. New Hair: His 'Hawk'

What Chloe wore: Old Navy. All of it.

Jaxon may or may not have been obsessed with Chuck E. He followed him around, held his hand, and tried to give him his drink and food. He kept running up to him and screaming 'Hi ChuckECheese!' (as pictured above)

Seriously, who needs Disneyland when you have Chuck E Cheese?

Don't you love my earrings? They are my favorite. And I'm kinda loving this shirt. What do you think?

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Hello Monday!

 Hello Summertime! We spent everyday this week out in the sun! We have loved our little kiddie pool, water table, bubble guns, super soakers and lunch outside under the umbrella everyday this week. It's been wonderful.

Daddy spent Wednesday morning fishing with Uncle Cammy. He grabbed some pizza for us on his way home and the kids were VERY grateful!

Hello Birthdays! Sarah and Zuileka had birthdays this week. We went to The Chocolate on Tuesday to celebrate for Sarah, and we are going to Happy Sumo this week for Z. Can't wait! Happy Birthday ladies! 

Zuileka, Sarah & I

Hello guest posting. I did a guest post about reading on Wednesday on my Good friend Jenn's blog Grimmricksen. Go check it out if you've missed it!

Hello Book Club! Cheryl hosted book club Wednesday. We had so much fun we forgot to take any pictures. But it was a blast. Thanks ladies! 

I did happen to snap a couple pictures of the treats I made for my BCB's. I made fudge with Coconut Oil, & Coconut Sugar,  and Chocolate Chip Cookies subbing out the butter for Coconut Oil, Brown & White Sugar for Coconut Sugar and half of the flour for Almond Meal. They both were delish and a post featuring my love of Coconut Oil is in the works!

Hello grocery shopping with 2 cranky kiddos. I usually try to do my shopping when my hubs is home with the kids. It's much less of a hassle and it takes half of the time. However Mr X has been working long hours, so we ventured out just the 3 of us. Thank Heavens for car shopping carts and for markets that serve 'baby cones'. The kids were very happy about the trip. Even if the clean up was a little more intense than first imagined. 

Ice Cream Cone Cheers!
Hello Family Date night again this last Friday night. We took the kids to see Brave. And they did pretty well sitting through it. As soon as the credits started rolling, Jaxon asked to watch it again. Right NOW!

Daddy and Jax in line for the movie.

Sweet Chloe all cuddled up in the theater in her 'own' seat, treats and blankie.

Hello 'Hawk'! Jaxon was in need of a haircut bad! He is constantly asking for a ponytail because he gets hot (and he can't see). Well Cameron and Hadley came down Friday and they gave me such a hard time about his ponytail! (It's true he did look like a girl.) So Saturday we cut it all off.

He loves it. He keeps checking himself out in the mirror and he just grins and laughs and laughs. He also refers to it as 'The Hawk'. Today he was actually calling in his mohawk, but I kinda want him to forget how to say it and go back to 'The Hawk'. 

 Hello one of the best Monday's we've ever had. One of the babes best friends Evie and her Momma came over to play outside (while Scotty spent the morning fishing). When the husbands got home we then went to Chuck E. Cheese with them and the kiddos other best friends Blake and June. Then to Menchies and finally to the park to play. It was wonderful. I LOVE family days! (more pictures to come.)
Can these girls be any cuter? Seriously!

 I am loving these Hello Monday posts. Sometimes the time goes by and I forget all the great times I have every week. These help me document the days we live. How was your week?

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Stop Being Fat! Friday....or Saturday

I'm sitting here craving a brownie, so instead of making a batch I am finally finishing this post. Last week my friend Meagan and I decided to try out a new Zumba place.
Xscape fitness is located off of 1600 N and Geneva Road in Orem. It's an indoor soccer facility and they have Zumba classes when there aren't any games going on. I have been a few times already all with different instructors and so far I am loving it. I love the atmosphere and the closeness to my house is great. I have decided to cancel my membership at SweatyChix. I have loved going there, but since they've closed their Orem, American Fork and PG locations I have been driving all the way to Springville. So goodbye SweatyChix, hello Xscape.

I have been wanting to get on a better schedule for working out. When it comes to my workouts it's very random. My husbands schedule is never consistent, so the number of times I go to the gym and Zumba varies week by week. I usually make it to Zumba 2 or 3 times a week. When I go to the gym I usually just do the elliptical. Sometimes the bike or circuit training but I just do 'whatever I feel like'. I want to get a better 'routine' going.

I saw this work out plan on the House of Smiths. And I am seriously considering starting it....on Monday. (When I have a chance to figure out what half of the crap is.) I will adjust it to accommodate Zumba as well as the Couch to 5k program.

What? Me run? I know. I am as shocked as you are. I have NEVER liked to run. I played soccer growing up and hated it because of all of the running! I have swam for years and that's more my style. No running. No sweating. Booyah.

During my Zumba challenge, one of my coaches was talking about it, and I have been interested ever since. It's basically a program designed to take a couch potato and getting them able to run a 5k in 8 weeks, by doing 3 workouts a week. I got the App 5k Runner and love it.

It takes you through each workout step by step. I love that I can just turn on my Pandora Workout station and the man's voice comes over the music every time I need to speed up to run, or slow down and walk.  Couldn't make it any easier.

I just started and have only done the first week but I'm pretty excited. My friend Whitney is doing it with me as well (and hopefully some other ladies from book club will too!) We are going to do the program and then we are going to do this:

How fun is that? A night run that starts at 9pm and is lit by glow sticks and glow paint. And then the race turns into a dance. If anything is going to get me to run it's this. Plus as my friend Meagan says 'any excuse to make cute shirts!' Cute team shirts will be made, legs will run, bodies will dance and massive amounts of fun will be had.

Have any of you done the Couch to 5k program? Do you like to run? What's your workout schedule?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I {heart} reading.

My friend Jenn asked me to guest post in her feature Bookworm Wednesday. Jenn and I share a love for books, crafting and cute babies. So go check out her blog Grimmricksen.

Go check out what I like to read, and leave some love for her (and I) while you are at it.


What I Wore Wednesday

I'm sure some of you may wonder why I do these posts. Since having kids, there have been times where I don't worry so much about getting myself ready. I have found myself to stay in sweats all day or just throw 'something' on without putting much thought into it. I'm trying to change this. I like getting ready and it makes me feel better and I have more energy to get stuff done throughout the day if I take the time to get ready.

Last summer I was at the grocery store with my mom. There was an unbelievable amount of women there in their sweats or pajamas. My mom commented on it and said she wouldn't feel comfortable going out in public like that (not only were the in PJ's but hair a mess, no make-up etc). I made the comment that I wish I felt more comfortable like that in public because it would give me more time in the day to do other things. Then my mom smiled sightly and said 'Yes. But their poor, poor husbands.'

That has stayed with me. I think about how I used to get ready for my husband. When we were dating and first met I dressed for him. As the years have gone by it seems like I now dress for everyone else. I dress up when I go out with my friends, when I go to church, when I just am out running errands. But in dressing for my husband I have slacked. So I am working in it. I do a good job of it when we go out. But I need to be better about when we are just at home.

Here's what I wore on date night:

Jeans: Old Navy. Shoes: Target. Undershirt: Whimsy. Tank: Cotton On. Necklace: JCP. Earrings and bracelet: Cavalcade. Watch: Michael Kors.

So yes. I do these posts to remind myself to get out of the sweats and put something cute on. And I promise it happens for than once a week! But please tell me that I'm not the only one who just really likes wearing yoga pants when I'm at home?!?!

And I am guest posting over here today. Yes I am a bookworm. Come read about it...

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Hello Monday.

Finally starting to get back into the swing of things since being home from our vacation. This past week has been an awesome one. 

Hello Zumba! My friend Meagan and I started going to a new place for Zumba. I am loving it so far. I was driving all the way to Springville (about 20-25 min away) and now it's just about a mile from my house. Score!

Hello Heather! I was able to see my friend Heather this week. She flew in from Missouri and I was able to see her and her new baby Merik. Unfortunately her trip was for a funeral. Her nephew Holden passed away at just 2 weeks old. Cheryl and I went to the funeral and it was such an amazing service for such an amazing little angel.

Before Heather went back we were hoping to have a girls night but on my way up to Salt Lake my car started acting all weird. It was shaking like crazy so I turned around and went home. Good thing too, by the time I got home my tire was DESTROYED. Luckily it was just the tire though and nothing major.

Hello Ladies (&kids) night. My friend Dlayne invite myself, Nichole and Sarah over. Sarah's husband was hosting poker night at his place so the ladies decided to have a 'girls night'.

Dlayne has an amazing backyard. Complete with a pond, fish, trampoline, fire pit, garden, swing set (WITH clubhouse!), chickens, dogs and plenty of running space. The kids LOVE it. And it's great for us to be able to sit and chat while the kids all play.

Do you think we had enough 'snacks' for 5 women?

Thankfully the kids helped us eat. 

 My husband got home earlier than expected that night so he came and picked up the kids and I stayed for even more girl talk with Dlayne and Sarah. {We may or may not have stayed until 3:15am} Thanks Dlayne for having us over! I had an amazing night!

Hello Birthday Dinner! While we were in Florida it was my sister in law's birthday. So we took her and my brother to dinner Friday night to celebrate. Happy Birthday Hadley! Love you!

They love Aunt HeyHey and Uncle Cammy.

Hello Whitney and Allison! Friday night after dinner we stopped by our friends Justin and Allison's place. Allison was doing Whitney's hair and Chloe {all girl!} had to see what was going on at every minute!

Jaxon had to get in on the action too.

Hello dancing! That night Scotty took the kids home and I caught a ride with Whitney. On the ride home Whit and I were busting out moves {as usual} and decided we NEEDED to go dancing. It was almost 1am as we pulled up. We were all pumped up BUT the stupid door guy wouldn't let us in (even though we were there 5 minutes before they closed the doors. And 35 minutes before actual closing time!) We were bummed. So instead we went over to Jenn's house...

Hello Jenn! We thought it would be hilarious to 'mess' with them. We saw that they were up and in the living room, so we proceeded to bang on windows and doors to scare them. Job well done Whitney. And you are welcome Jenn!

Hello Date nights! Once with Cheryl. And once with the hubby this week. Cheryl and I went to Rubio's and to see Mirror Mirror. {Had the most ANNOYING lady ever sitting next to us. Like RIGHT next to us in a pretty empty theater and she was on her phone trying to text FOREVER! Seriously like for 10 minute periods of time it was out and shinning away. She was on it the majority of the movie.} Finally Cheryl said something to her and she started giving a poor me story about someone trying to get ahold of her and yadda yadda. Then took it right back out again. So rude! Seriously walk out of the theater and make a call or sit in the back so you're not disrupting everyone else. 

And Scotty and I went and saw Rock of Ages. We LOVED it. I wanted to bust out and dance and sing the ENTIRE time!

Hello Fathers Day! I sure am a lucky girl. I have an amazing father, a great step-dad and a wonderful father in law. And I couldn't have dreamed for a better husband and father to my own kids. Love you babe!

Sunday Scotty had to work most of the day, but we celebrated once he got home.

The kids helped me fix 'breakfast' for dinner.

It was delicious and we enjoyed some good family time last night. 
 Hello Summer! Summer has arrived to our backyard. We bought a ton of summer toys and put them to use today. {And somehow Jaxon's swimsuit came off...} Anyhow I'm looking forward to many more afternoons of this.

Hello messy babies. We stopped at Jason's Deli today for lunch. Messy just doesn't cut it. This picture doesn't do it justice but I didn't want to touch my children after they were through eating. 

How was your week? Have you ever been totally annoyed with some on their phone during a movie?

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Florida Trip. Volume 1.

We had an amazing time in Florida. My parents bought a house in Davenport (30 min outside of Orlando) last year. This is the first time we had seen it. They haven't retired yet so they just spend about a month a year there right now. It was so nice and I loved spending time with family. Here are a few pictures from the first few days of our trip.
My little water man. He loves swimming!

We either went swimming or to the beach everyday we were there. I have so much fun with my kiddos. They are seriously awesome.

Gatorland! We loved it!

I promise he was smiling right before I snapped the picture. He LOVED it!

Mr. Jaxon Danger. He's cool.

Is Chloe not the cutest?

Grandma with Brooklyn, Braden & Lincoln

They loved their Gatorland cups!

The lookout point before the storm.

The rain started fast and was crazy. We were caught at the lookout point and it was wonderful. I loved it. I LOVE me some rain!

Gator bites. Tastes like chicken.

Jaxon was excited to be eating a gator!

Waiting for hot dogs.

I hated these dang birds. They were vicious! 

Checking out the albino gators. 

Do you not love her shoes?

What do the Gators do? Chomp Chomp Chomp.

My nephew Keaton. He's such a sweetheart, and I am obsessed with his thighs!


Chloe sure loves her cousin Brooklyn. She followed her around for a week!

Braden. I love this picture.

Jaxon being pushed in by his cousins. 


Chomp Chomp Chomp.

The turtle just taking a little ride.


Panic attack moment? When my 2 year old is walking with my Mom, and then runs out of the albino exhibit and straight towards the gator pond, slips and proceeds to fall underneath the fence with his feet dangling right above the pond. My mother who just had surgery and can't lift anything or use her left arm at all, yelling 'help' and running outside to see a random guy pulling my son back out of harms way of the gators. Thank heavens someone was around to help my mom. Shame on me for not being a 'better mom'. And again shame on my hubs for naming him Danger! Those child harnesses are looking better and better!

Other than the panic attack my Mom and I both encountered Gatorland was great. (although next time we enter a 'theme park' Jaxon may have a leash.)