Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Yes. I am alive...

As you may have noticed things have been pretty quite here on the blog. Which in no means is how things have been in the real world. Quite the opposite. Over the holidays I took a part time job to help with the costs of Christmas. Although it was only part time it really took alot out of me. Not that it was strenuous or anything. {It was actually totally boring} but for the months of November and December between my husband and I we were working 70-75 hours a week. {My husband works alot!} And all of that was without daycare or a sitter. Just opposite schedules so we could watch the kids. So the amount of family time we had available was very limited. So instead of spending my time on the computer, I chose to spend it cuddling my babies, watching movies with the hubs, taking trips to the library, baking, wrapping, singing, driving around to look at Christmas lights and such. This is the first time I have sat down in front of the computer in almost 2 months. I have done all my internet work on my phone and nook. {But blogging from a phone sucks!} Crazy right? But I have loved it.

But now as I sit here, uploading all our pictures from Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Years and everything in between. I am giddy with excitement. Excitement as I upload a bunch of new music onto my phone, as I read blogs that I 'favorited' on my phone so I could get the real deal on the computer and not just my little phone screen. Remembering how much I love Pinterest {it's just not the same on a phone!} Excitement for all of the posts I want to share; all of the pictures and stories. So the next week will be one of playing catch up. I hope you'll bare with me. And I have some exciting things in the works so keep an eye out.

{moving on}

I have a confession. Every day for the last 2 weeks my GOAL has been to blog. To finally sit down and make the time. And EVERY day I put it off. Even with the spirit of goals and resolutions all around me I still suck. So in order to fix this {and I'm not just talking about blogging, everything I put off until tomorrow...} I am putting it all out in the open. Hopefully this will help me achieve my goals.

This year I hope to WILL:

-Be better at blogging. And not just for the sake of 'blogging' but this is my journal. I want to look back and remember these moments I have home with my kids, what we did, how they learned and how we grew together.
-Seriously get organized. Not just one room at a time. Like a severe overhaul of my house, my computer, my car, our finances etc. I am so sick of clutter and searching to remember 'where I put that, so I wouldn't lose it!'
-Get the kids potty trained. Jaxon was doing great right before he turned 3. Then with the madness of the holidays we weren't so focused on it and now he's I am sucking at it.
-Go back to the GYM! Remember when I was addicted? Well I fell off the wagon. I have a membership to Planet Fitness AND Gold's. So really I have NO excuse. So if any of you are going tonight, call me and MAKE me go. And do this EVERYDAY!
-Figure out the preschool thing. Decide if I really want to do it at home for my kids {and a few others}. Look into the curriculum, other schools in the Valley and figure it all out.
-Craft for me. This last year I have gotten a little burnt out on crafting. I want to do more for me and not for shows. Even if this means not doing shows for a while {if ever again}.
-More books. Less TV. I am a book lover, but so many nights its easy for me to lay in bed and switch on Hulu or Netflix instead of grabbing a book. I will read at least 40 books this year. And I will go back to keeping a list of what I have finished, am currently reading and want to read. {I love lists}
-Family night at least once a week. Not just hanging out at home with the same routine. But making sure we are making time to take the kids out, to the park, the zoo, even just an adventure walk. We are already pretty good at this, but I want to be better. I want to plan it and make it special.
-Spending more time with Scott. Sometimes 'WE' get lost in the shuffle of everyday life. We are pretty good about date nights but sometimes $ and not finding a sitter prevents us. So even if it's date night at home when the kids go to bed we will make the time for each other. {Any other couples interested in trading babysitting?}

Those in a sense are my New Years resolutions. What are yours? What did you do for New Years? We went to an amazing party my friends Jake and Sarah threw. They are amazing. It was a splendid/crazy night I will never forget ;)

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