Monday, November 19, 2012

My FAVORITE day of the year...

is TODAY! It's my husbands, my sons and my daughters birthday. Seriously, all 3 of my loves were born today. How I love 11-19!

We had a BIG birthday bash on Saturday and had a family celebration today. It has been an amazing few days. 

I'll be doing a post later, with more in depth photos and details of the festivities but here's a little glimpse into the fun:

I can't believe you are 3! You are such a joy. I love your sense of humor and your personality makes me laugh and smile and makes me so proud each and every day. You are so smart and remember everything. I love watching you learn and grow. You amaze me. You are so friendly and happy. You want to do everything by yourself and it still amazes me at all the things you figure out and teach yourself. You are an amazing older brother and take such good care of your baby sissy. You love arts and always want to do crafts with me. It melts my heart. You are such a good host and always make sure that our guests are always taken care of. You always make sure everyone has a 'snack' and a drink and you love to plan a party. {I have taught you well!} You know EVERY super hero and remember every story. You love games and love learning. {All your fathers doing!} Thank you for turning me into a mother. You truly changed my life and I thank the lord daily for bringing you into my life. 

You are 2! How time flys. You bring such a sweetness into our home. I could cuddle you all day, every day. I love your sweet and gentle countenance. You radiant love. You are such a talker and you are constantly learning. You want to do everything your brother does and you do! It amazes me how fast you are learning and comprehending. Your personality keeps me on my toes and constantly laughing. You are all diva. You love clothes, make-up, painting your nails and anything girly. I LOVE that you always have to have a bow in your hair at all times. Even while sleeping. You cry from your crib if it even falls out of your hair in the middle of the night. It's pretty adorable. You always have to have your purse when we go out and your love for Minnie Mouse is the cutest. Every skirt you put on, every shirt, every pair of shoes is all 'like Minnie Mouse'. And each and every one of your bows is a 'Minnie Mouse Bow'. I love the way you love your brother. You are best friends and I hope that never changes. Although a bit premature, your love for Justin Bieber is awesome. I am so blessed to have you as my daughter. I love you babydoll.

The OG of the 11-19. You are my best friend. I love you more than words. Thank you for putting up with me. For ALWAYS being on my side and for having my back. You work so hard to provide for us and for that I am ever grateful. You are so easy going and I love having you as my husband. Thank you for turning me into a wife, a mother and a better friend. You keep me balanced and always being out the best in me. You are the best father to Jaxon and Chloe. Thank you for sharing your birthday with both of them. {They are for sure the BEST 2 birthday gifts I ever could have given you}

Love you all so much,

Enough of the mushiness. I thought with all the celebration going on, it only be right to do a giveaway! My Owl Rice Bags have been selling great this season and I only have ONE left in stock. I will be making more {once I return from our Thanksgiving trip} but this last one could be YOURS.

*These owls are great heating/cooling compresses. Just pop it in the microwave for 90 sec or in the freezer until cool and place on sore muscles.

*Also great as a book end or just cute home decor

It's a perfect stocking stuffer!

You have until Sunday night to enter and I will announce the winner on Monday 11/26/2012. 

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  1. I love the party decorations and the art pastel cookies! you definitely need to write a blog on those!! I love your owl rice bags as well I've been meaning to ask you about buying one or two for the nursery!

    Hope everyone had a great birthday!

  2. Love this post Amanda! Love your kids and your husband. So glad to be a part of your family and it's so true, the kids and your WHOLE family always makes me feel so welcome! Glad we could be part of the celebration. Looking forward to a fun Thanksgiving weekend! Love the four of you!

  3. I want one, I want one! Love that you get one fantastic, amazing, spectacular, great day to celebrate all the loves in your life! Can't wait to see all the fun pictures :)

  4. I'm glad we were able to come over and celebrate the BIG day for a bit :) November is an excellent month for birthdays!

  5. Also, OI "nominated" you for the Liebster award. Do it, or don't... you know whatever. Buuut you should do it because.... just because ha.

  6. Love your cute ideas! Good job Amanda! I think it may have put in too many entries for me? Something weird happened on my phone. Sorry.

  7. Love your creativity and all of the color!!!!