Saturday, August 25, 2012

California Dreaming....

We just got back from Park City and are still in the mess of moving. One day I will have all the boxes unpacked. With moving, a craft show, a yard sale and another craft show coming up I feel like I have STUFF everywhere. I have been going non stop, and with two kids in the mix it's hard to get alot done during the day. I want a break from it all. To get away and think of nothing

So when my friend called last night to see if I would accompany her on a quick {free} trip to LA of course I was all in. We're headed here:
I can't wait to peruse all the fabric and jewelry. To read on the plane {without babies!} and to lay on the beach. And to have some girl time with 2 of my besties. 

So grateful for a husband who rearranged his schedule to make it work, a friend who works for JetBlue, and a friend who is letting us crash at her place super last minute. 

A girls trip? This hasn't happened in years. Bring. It. On.

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