Saturday, August 4, 2012


I have so many pictures I want to post and stories I want to tell. But with an unexpected trip to California last week and a unexpected move this week I am a little overwhelmed. This is the first time I have opened up my laptop in over a week. And even then it was just to download a book for my drive to California.

I still have posts about Florida to post. And Escalante. And California. And DIY projects. And recipes. And  Stop Being Fat Posts. But for now here's whats on my mind:

-My husband is awesome. He knew I needed to get away and see my family. So he basically kicked me out of the house and I took the kids to California. (I promise we weren't fighting.) He just knows what I need and although he had to work he demanded I head to the coast and refuel. I loved seeing my family. And I miss them already. My friends are awesome too and I loved seeing those that I got a chance to see.
Both kids actually did amazing on the drive. We drove the whole way through and they were happy kiddos 99% of the way. This picture is right after we stopped for lunch. We had a picnic in the park and then played on the playground for an hour. I wanted to wear them out so they would sleep and my plan worked. 
-I came home a week earlier than originally expected. (Which is why I didn't get a chance to see all my friends as planned. Sorry guys! xoxo) We've been looking for a place to move for a while and while I was gone a house just 2 blocks from where we were opened up. We wanted to stay in the area and so we were super stoked to find out we could get in so fast.

-So I drove home that night, cause he had the next 2 days off. We got a ton moved, thanks to some amazing people. We seriously are surrounded by wonderful friends and family. I can't tell you how blessed I have felt this past week. It is kind ridiculous. I still can't wrap my head around all of the help and love we have received. 
I texted 3 friends to see if their hubby's would come help Scott move a couple pieces of furniture so we could at least have beds in before Scott went back to work. And we seriously had over a dozen people show up to help. We were able to move so much more than I had planned on and it was so fast. Thank you everyone!

What our new living room looked like that night. It's still a work in progress, but it's much better!

First breakfast in the new place. I LOVE Kneaders and I LOVE Justin and Nichole for bringing up this deliciousness.

First dinner in our new place. At the coffee table because the kitchen was still covered in boxes. Frozen food and on paper plates because everything was still packed. But, I was happy it wasn't Pizza and that we actually had not just one but 2 vegetables.
-Craft Lake City is 6 days away. With all my trips and now this move, I am a little behind on my preparations. (Total lie! I am WAY behind.) But on a good note I finally have a room for my crafting. Now I just need to get it situated and then copious amounts of crafting will be done. 
I am really excited for CLC. If you are in the area next Saturday please come stop by. Every year there are amazing vendors, delicious food and awesome Live music. I'm sure this year will not disappoint. (duh, how could it if I am going to be there?!?) Come say hi!

P.S. my logo got finished while I was in California. Thanks to my cousin-in-law Greg :) What do you guys think? (check out the new banner!) I am kinda in love with it. I love the balloons (for the birthdays!) and the colors. Thanks for being patient with my Greg! 

Now back to the unpacking...


  1. It sounds like we're two peas in a pod m'dear.

    I can't wait until after Craft Lake (we're both going to do awesome) so we can get together and we can see your new place!

  2. I'm excited for Craft Lake! And I want to see your new place :) We head to Barbados a week from today, so we won't be much help from afar, but please call if you need us to help with ANYTHING! Seriously, ANYTHING!

  3. Sounds like you have been so busy with creative and great things! I'm glad you could get away to California...good luck with unpacking. (I know that's such a challenge.)

  4. Hi Amanda-
    I picked up your card at Craft City. I LOVE your owls! I was wondering how to order them and if you ship them? Thanks so much! Katie :)

    1. Katie, Thanks so much for contacting me! I will have my items up on etsy by the end of the week. So you will be able to order from there or if you are wanting them sooner I can email you pictures of the ones I have in stock and you can just let me know which one you would like and send a payment via paypal. Feel free to email me @


  5. When I saw pictures of your move on Facebook, I freaked out a little bit. But only two houses away? I can deal with that. Also, thank you for giving me two more blogs to stalk.