Wednesday, August 29, 2012

2 Days {in pictures}

The last 2 days were a bit of a whirlwind. My friend Allison and I went California for a quick visit. We went to go shopping at the fashion district in Los Angeles as we were both in the need of fabric. Allison works for JetBlue, which is the only way this would have been possible. We also stayed with our friend Jessica so that saved us from a hotel as well. It was a cheap and fast trip, and it was marvelous.

Take a look:

3:00am Monday: Have to be at the airport in 2 hours but I can't sleep. Haven't slept a wink. So when my insomnia hits I paint my nails. 

5:35am Monday: Checked in and through security. Grab a quick bite before boarding.

7:00am Monday: Touch down in Long Beach. Ready for this adventure. 

7:30am Monday: Our first bus ride of the day. Headed to downtown LBC

9:00am Monday: Metro is delayed due to an accident so we took a walk around the boardwalk.

9:45am Monday: Headed to LA. 

10:30am Monday: Made it downtown and to our stop. Appealing right?

11:15am Monday: A bus ride and a couple blocks later and we made it. Fabric, fabric and more fabric. 

12:30pm Monday: And buttons, and beads, and everything else...

4:00pm Monday: with hours of shopping behind us we take the Metro and head to Santa Monica.

4:45pm Monday: walk up from the Metro tunnel and outside to see this toilet.

5:00pm Monday: Last bus ride of the day TRIP!

5:30pm Monday: Hello 3rd Street!

5:40pm Monday: Headed to find Jessica.

5:43pm Monday: Found Her! 

6:30pm Monday: Out of our sweaty clothes. Feeling a little refreshed and reunited with these awesome folks who left Utah and now live in California...

7:00pm Monday: Starving. walked to the closest Pub for Happy Hour specials on Chicken Fingers and Fish & Chips.

11:00pm Monday: Enjoyed this view for a couple hours on the beach while reminiscing and retelling hilarious stories.

11:00am Tuesday: Strider showing off

12:00pm Tuesday: Lunch with the ladies before heading to the pool.

2:00pm Tuesday: Enjoying the pool. The gorgeous views of the beach. The cabanas and the chatting. 

3:30pm Tuesday: Reading under the cabana with Allison while Jess and Shane tell hilarious stories in the pool.

4:30pm Tuesday: Hot Tub time.

6:30pm Tuesday: Last stop before the airport. Getting donuts for Scotty. We always joke how doughnut shops are on every corner in California and nowhere in Utah. He was stoked when he got them!

7:45pm Tuesday: Boarding the plane and heading home!

Thanks Allison and Jessica for a WONDERFUL trip. It was just what I needed!

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