Thursday, August 16, 2012

Recap: Craft Lake City

Where do I even start? CLC was amazing. It was my first BIG show all by myself. I was nervous. It takes alot to 'put yourself out there'. But the response I received was overwhelming. I did better that I was even dreaming and I met some amazing artists and had an absolute blast. Randomly/awesomely I got the booth right next to my friend Jenn. Which worked out perfectly for manning each others booths for the occasional bathroom break. It also worked out for our friends who came to visit as alot of them are mutual friends of both Jenn and I.

Here are some snapshots of the day:

The finished set up.

Hadley, Jaxon, Chloe and I having fun with the props.

Some of the shades.

Owl Clock, Mirror and Hair Clips

The comic shades were a big hit. I sold out of all but 1. And now I am busy working on some custom orders. 

Owl Clocks & Banners.

Owl Clocks, banners & hair clips...

The kids had a blast. Scott brought them up later in the day and they loved the kids crafts, playing with their friends, the bounce house, running in the water and flirting with all the customers and artists. 

Some of my awesome friends who came to help and to visit.

Friends. Family. And Jenn and I in front of our booths at the closing of the show.
What we ate: Delicious Pizza from Pogi's and yummy GeekyCookies

Some amazing and talented ladies. Thank for making my day awesome.

The day was hot! We started out in the sun but were in total shade for 80% of the day. It was great. I met some amazing people and got some rad stuff. I really do have some amazing people in my life. Thank you to everyone who helped me, manned the booth with me, help me set up, watched my kids, and just came out to support me. And yes I'm talking to YOU: Scotty, Nichole, Justin, Zuileka, Hadley, Cammy, Kenzie, Whitney, Jeanette, Dari, Allison, Chanda, Jenn, Nicole, Sara, Caz, Josh, Bryan, Mike, Karli & Austin. You guys made my day. And a BIG thank you to all the volunteers, everyone at Craft Lake City and to Slug Magazine. Thanks for once again putting on an amazing event and for letting me be a part of this years festival. 


  1. I love the lamps and banners! I want to buy both! let me know what the prices are! xoxo.

  2. You have the magic touch! I love my owl. I have tonsillitis and am using Errol's warmth to soothe my neck.