Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Mommy List.

Why is it that everyday during naptime I want to crawl back in bed and take a nap too (and somedays I do) but when Jaxon and Chloe go to bed for the night I can't seem to turn my mind off. Even if I get in bed and really try to go to sleep, the mommy check list is what occupies my thoughts. This is exactly what happened last night. I got home from the gym close to midnight. The kids were in bed and I was wiped out. I took a quick shower, read for a few minutes and hoped into bed. For the next 2 hours I went over my list:

What do I have to do tomorrow? laundry, grocery shop, decorations for the upcoming Favorite Things Party...
When are our library books due? Sometime this week so make sure we go to Storytime tomorrow so we can return them.
What am I going to make for dinner tomorrow? I should have moved some chicken from the freezer to the fridge to defrost
What are the kids going to wear tomorrow? What's clean? What am I going to wear?
I should work on the kids Halloween costumes soon. I have time, Halloween is still a couple weeks away.
We should really do the potty training thing this weekend. Maybe on Monday so that will give us more days to practice before he has to go to Nursery. Oh wait it's conference weekend. Ok lets do it this weekend...maybe...
What should I make for the party? Oatmeal Lemon Bars? Pumpkin Dip? Pumpkin cake? It's supposed to be my favorite snack....but anything Pumpkin or lemon is my favorite...
Did the kids brush their teeth tonight? Yes. They were trying to hug Auntie Whitney at the same time.
Should we have read the scriptures longer tonight? We read them. Lets just be happy about that.
Did I play with the kids enough today? 
I should have done more flash cards with them today.
We should have played outside today. 
Did they eat enough Veggies today?
Did they have their vitamin today?
Am I feeding them healthy enough?
Am I teaching them enough?
Is Chloe getting sick?
Am I reading enough with them everyday?
Am I enjoying the little moments enough?
Am I a good Mom?

In the middle of my list I hear giggles coming from Jaxon's room. I walk in to check and he is trying to read his spiderman book in the dark. I tell him to go to bed and it's time to sleep (duh! it' 3:00am silly child). Tuck him in (again), give him a kiss and go back to bed. 30 seconds later he's climbing over his Dad and right next to me. Telling me he came to cuddle. How can I turn that down? After a couple minutes he grabs my face between his hands and says "You a nice Momma".

He answered my last question. Am I a good Mom? I am a work in progress. Everyday I try to be a little better. I am far from perfect, but I am perfectly his. (& hers)

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