Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Favorite Things Party!

Last week, I threw a Favorite Things Party for my girlfriends. It was SO. MUCH. FUN. I have been seeing them on the blogosphere and knew I had to have one cause they sounded amazing. And boy am I glad that I did.

Basically you think of something that is your 'Favorite Thing' (we did ours between $5-$7) then you bring 5 of that item. That's FIVE of the SAME item. Then you write your name on five pieces of paper and throw all the names in a bowl. You go around sharing what item you brought then drawing out the {winners} names of who gets each thing. So you all go home with 5 new things. 

We had the party in my backyard it was great. You know I love any reason to celebrate so I busted out my silhouette and made a few simple decorations and arranged chairs, vintage TV trays, breakfast trays and blankets on the lawn. I brought candles out all around for some extra light once the sun went down. I was trying to get more pictures while the sun was still out, but it didn't happen. But here's a few that I caught of 
the night:

Brittney, Meagan, Whitney, Me & Jeanette

Swag bags for everyone to take home their treasures in. Tags found here.

Brit and Jeanette loved the purdy straws in the mason jars.

The table for our treasures

Calories galore

We had 'favorite' quotes all around.
Everyone brought their favorite snack to share. And man we had quite the spread: pumpkin dip, spinach dip, hummus, vegetables, chips, queso, chinese chicken salad, fruit truffle, pumpkin muffins, brownies, creme puffs, sugar cookies, red velvet sandwich cookies, chocolate covered strawberries, bread, and an array of beverages. 

Top: Mylee, Marlee, Chanda & Tera
Bottom: Meagan, Whit, Brit & Jeanette

Top: Hadley, Madison, Me & Jeanette
Bottom: April, Julie, Zuleika, Dlayne & Nichole

After mingling  and eating for a bit we started the fun. I was amazed at the good things people brought. Each of us struggled with what to bring and then as we saw what everyone else thought of we were amazed!

When looking at other bloggers posts about their parties I kept searching for more ideas about what to bring. I couldn't find much, so I want to share all the gifts that we had because they were awesome. Here's what everyone brought:

Whitney: Eyeliner
Zuleika: Mascara
Nichole: Her handmade earrings
Jeanette: Fingerless Gloves
Brittney: Goody Bag! (socks, earrings, Downy wrinkle release)
Chanda: Barnes & Noble giftcard and monster magnet book mark
Tera: Jamba Juice giftcard
Julie: Purse
Hadley: (Taylor Swift) Red Lipstick
Madison: Earrings
Meagan: Kneaders Pumpkin Bread and Autumn hand towel
Mylee: Nail Polish
Dlayne: Kneaders giftcard

Least to say we were all happy ladies at the end of the night. And it's safe to say we all wanted one of everything. Next time we'll have to bring 15 of the same item {start saving $ now ladies!}

A super big thanks to all my friends that came and made it such a wonderful night. I adore EACH of you!

I'll be honest I want to have one of these parties again. Tomorrow. And the day after. Seriously this would be perfect for Christmas. Instead of drawing names like we usually do, we are having a party like this. Who's with me?


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