Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hello Monday. Escalante Edition

Hello last minute trip to Escalante for the weekend. The kids and I drove down to my grandparents house with my brother Cameron and SIL Hadley.

Hello 4+ hour drive with two toddlers that were stir crazy and wild the entire time. (minus like 30 min)

Hello small town. No stop light. Pump before you pay. Waving at everyone you see. Kids sitting on our laps and 'driving' the car. The easy life.

Hello to surprising my mom. It was great being able to spend a couple days with her.

Hello to kids being crazy and so excited that they didn't want to sleep. Having only 11 hours of sleep over a 3 night period. Being super tired, and the kids having way too much energy.

Hello Calf Creek. You brought back so many memories of summers spent with my grandparents. Walking down the creek and slipping on the moss covered rocks.

Hello Grandpa's swing. Four wheelers. And cook-outs at the bottom land.

Hello to another 4+ hour drive home. Cranky kids. Sitting in the back between them the entire drive.

Hello to a loving husband. Hello to getting in bed before 9:00pm when we got home and Scotty taking the kids off my hands. And getting 11 hours of continuous sleep. It was marvelous.

-We are headed to Escalante again next weekend. I'm super stoked. Scotty is going to be able to come this time along with some of our friends. I can't wait. How was your weekend?

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