Wednesday, July 4, 2012

WIWW: Girls Night Out Edition

Top: Cotton On. Jeans: Old Navy. Shoes: Target. Necklace: Forever 21. Watch: Michael Kors. Bracelets: Cotton On & Fossil.

Friday night a few of my girlfriends and I went out. It was a marvelous night consisting of: CPK. Chanda's hilarious stories over dinner. Never being able to look at 'cash' the same way. Our waiter sucking at taking our order. 3/4 of our orders wrong. $0.00 bill for myself. Magic Mike. An entire theater of anxious girls and gays. Cheering, clapping and some crazy lady next to us with a ridiculous amount of LOUD comments. The guy in front of us standing up to address the theater and telling everyone to clap if they thought that the crazy lady should shut up. The theater erupting in cheers and said lady finally shutting her trap. And dancing with my ladies (and gays) after the movie. It was a wonderful night! 

Dari, Me & Meagan. Ready to get our dance on!

My long lost friend Chris and I

Dari and I

In the theater with Allison waiting for the movie to start.

So Cotton On may or may not be my new favorite store. Have you been there? Have you seen Magic Mike?

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! And I agree, Nov. 19th is the best day... My hubby was born Nov 19th :)

  2. I like your necklace and brightly colored dress! You look great. :)