Monday, July 23, 2012

Hello Monday!

Hello home! We got home about 3 hours ago from a 4 day camping trip in Escalante. Hello tents, hiking, dirt, bugs, no showers, no bathrooms, HOT weather, thunder storms, rain downpours and ornery kids. And hello to great friends, amazing family, beautiful scenery, numerous laughs, good food, small town parades and dances, a carnival and making some money at our booth there. Hello to my husbands first Rodeo and seriously the BEST TRIP! I wish I had all my pictures ready to give you a glimpse into our weekend, but I still need to go through them along with get some from the rest of our friends that went with us.

Instead of camping pictures, here's a look at what's been going around these parts up until we left for our trip...

Hello Juice Cleanse! So I didn't last the full 6 days. I lasted 4 full days and then on days 5 & 6 I juiced for every meal and snack except dinner. Still loving the juicer though! Fresh apple juice is my favorite!!!

Hello baking. I made some goodies for a neighbor. I was still doing the juice cleanse and did NOT even have a bite. Go me!

Hello Bee Sting. Poor little Chloe. She was NOT a fan and would start to cry all over again when ever we brought it up for the next 4-5 days.

Hello Bookclub. Hello: Blue Lemon. Delicious food. Great friends. City Creek. Shopping. And Dessert at Gourmandies.
Hello painting with the kiddos. They love painting!

Hello crafting. 

Hello outdoor band competition. We went to see Justin's band and they ended up winning and making it into the finals! Jaxon thought the crowd was for him. 

Hello to the cutest siblings. They sure love each other. Their new love is singing and dancing to 'Ring-Around-The-Rosey' then falling down and proceeding to roll all over each other.

Hello to the Lindon pool, snow cones, cotton candy and friends.

I am one pooped Momma. Hello shower! FINALLY! Hello PJ's and my DVR. Hello tired kiddos that have already been asleep for 2 hours. I plan on sitting in my recliner and catching up on the Bachelorette, RHONJ, Breaking Bad & The Next Food Network Star. 

Here's a sneak peak at our weekend. Many more to come. How was your weekend? Are you a fan of camping? With kids?

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