Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wedding Weekend. Volume 4.

Alright I couldn't go without posting some pictures of all of the 'details' of the wedding. It was perfect. Enjoy.

If any of you have heard Jaxon talk about the wedding at all, all he talks about is the 'mean guy'. Well this is that mean guy!

Their getaway car used to belong to David O. McKay!

Didn't they do an amazing job!?! I loved everything about it. Love you Hads!


  1. These wedding details are making me DIE with happiness. Just perfect and gorgeous and lovely, all of it! Sigh - I love a good wedding!

  2. Amanda! Thanks for this cute post of Cam and I's day! We had so much fun! Lucky girl I am :) Love you! Hope we see you Friday! XOXO