Saturday, June 23, 2012

Stop Being Fat! Friday....or Saturday

I'm sitting here craving a brownie, so instead of making a batch I am finally finishing this post. Last week my friend Meagan and I decided to try out a new Zumba place.
Xscape fitness is located off of 1600 N and Geneva Road in Orem. It's an indoor soccer facility and they have Zumba classes when there aren't any games going on. I have been a few times already all with different instructors and so far I am loving it. I love the atmosphere and the closeness to my house is great. I have decided to cancel my membership at SweatyChix. I have loved going there, but since they've closed their Orem, American Fork and PG locations I have been driving all the way to Springville. So goodbye SweatyChix, hello Xscape.

I have been wanting to get on a better schedule for working out. When it comes to my workouts it's very random. My husbands schedule is never consistent, so the number of times I go to the gym and Zumba varies week by week. I usually make it to Zumba 2 or 3 times a week. When I go to the gym I usually just do the elliptical. Sometimes the bike or circuit training but I just do 'whatever I feel like'. I want to get a better 'routine' going.

I saw this work out plan on the House of Smiths. And I am seriously considering starting it....on Monday. (When I have a chance to figure out what half of the crap is.) I will adjust it to accommodate Zumba as well as the Couch to 5k program.

What? Me run? I know. I am as shocked as you are. I have NEVER liked to run. I played soccer growing up and hated it because of all of the running! I have swam for years and that's more my style. No running. No sweating. Booyah.

During my Zumba challenge, one of my coaches was talking about it, and I have been interested ever since. It's basically a program designed to take a couch potato and getting them able to run a 5k in 8 weeks, by doing 3 workouts a week. I got the App 5k Runner and love it.

It takes you through each workout step by step. I love that I can just turn on my Pandora Workout station and the man's voice comes over the music every time I need to speed up to run, or slow down and walk.  Couldn't make it any easier.

I just started and have only done the first week but I'm pretty excited. My friend Whitney is doing it with me as well (and hopefully some other ladies from book club will too!) We are going to do the program and then we are going to do this:

How fun is that? A night run that starts at 9pm and is lit by glow sticks and glow paint. And then the race turns into a dance. If anything is going to get me to run it's this. Plus as my friend Meagan says 'any excuse to make cute shirts!' Cute team shirts will be made, legs will run, bodies will dance and massive amounts of fun will be had.

Have any of you done the Couch to 5k program? Do you like to run? What's your workout schedule?


  1. I'm going to start couch to 5k soon. I just might have to come do that 5k with you in September! That looks like so much fun!!

  2. I have done the couch to 5k and I loved it! i really shocked myself by how much I was able to run, while before I was a horrible runner! actually shortly after I started couch to 5k I did my first 10k. I actually finished another 10k in an hour 17 minutes but I couldnt participate in the race this year due to baby! lol Go for it, even though I hate running as well, I love the rush I get after running!

  3. Yeah!! The couch to 5k workout is awesome! I did it last summer and it definitely worked!

  4. I am finally following your fun blog! Yay!!! I started the running yesterday and im sore today but ready to get at it again!