Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Florida Trip. Volume 1.

We had an amazing time in Florida. My parents bought a house in Davenport (30 min outside of Orlando) last year. This is the first time we had seen it. They haven't retired yet so they just spend about a month a year there right now. It was so nice and I loved spending time with family. Here are a few pictures from the first few days of our trip.
My little water man. He loves swimming!

We either went swimming or to the beach everyday we were there. I have so much fun with my kiddos. They are seriously awesome.

Gatorland! We loved it!

I promise he was smiling right before I snapped the picture. He LOVED it!

Mr. Jaxon Danger. He's cool.

Is Chloe not the cutest?

Grandma with Brooklyn, Braden & Lincoln

They loved their Gatorland cups!

The lookout point before the storm.

The rain started fast and was crazy. We were caught at the lookout point and it was wonderful. I loved it. I LOVE me some rain!

Gator bites. Tastes like chicken.

Jaxon was excited to be eating a gator!

Waiting for hot dogs.

I hated these dang birds. They were vicious! 

Checking out the albino gators. 

Do you not love her shoes?

What do the Gators do? Chomp Chomp Chomp.

My nephew Keaton. He's such a sweetheart, and I am obsessed with his thighs!


Chloe sure loves her cousin Brooklyn. She followed her around for a week!

Braden. I love this picture.

Jaxon being pushed in by his cousins. 


Chomp Chomp Chomp.

The turtle just taking a little ride.


Panic attack moment? When my 2 year old is walking with my Mom, and then runs out of the albino exhibit and straight towards the gator pond, slips and proceeds to fall underneath the fence with his feet dangling right above the pond. My mother who just had surgery and can't lift anything or use her left arm at all, yelling 'help' and running outside to see a random guy pulling my son back out of harms way of the gators. Thank heavens someone was around to help my mom. Shame on me for not being a 'better mom'. And again shame on my hubs for naming him Danger! Those child harnesses are looking better and better!

Other than the panic attack my Mom and I both encountered Gatorland was great. (although next time we enter a 'theme park' Jaxon may have a leash.)

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