Monday, June 25, 2012

Hello Monday!

 Hello Summertime! We spent everyday this week out in the sun! We have loved our little kiddie pool, water table, bubble guns, super soakers and lunch outside under the umbrella everyday this week. It's been wonderful.

Daddy spent Wednesday morning fishing with Uncle Cammy. He grabbed some pizza for us on his way home and the kids were VERY grateful!

Hello Birthdays! Sarah and Zuileka had birthdays this week. We went to The Chocolate on Tuesday to celebrate for Sarah, and we are going to Happy Sumo this week for Z. Can't wait! Happy Birthday ladies! 

Zuileka, Sarah & I

Hello guest posting. I did a guest post about reading on Wednesday on my Good friend Jenn's blog Grimmricksen. Go check it out if you've missed it!

Hello Book Club! Cheryl hosted book club Wednesday. We had so much fun we forgot to take any pictures. But it was a blast. Thanks ladies! 

I did happen to snap a couple pictures of the treats I made for my BCB's. I made fudge with Coconut Oil, & Coconut Sugar,  and Chocolate Chip Cookies subbing out the butter for Coconut Oil, Brown & White Sugar for Coconut Sugar and half of the flour for Almond Meal. They both were delish and a post featuring my love of Coconut Oil is in the works!

Hello grocery shopping with 2 cranky kiddos. I usually try to do my shopping when my hubs is home with the kids. It's much less of a hassle and it takes half of the time. However Mr X has been working long hours, so we ventured out just the 3 of us. Thank Heavens for car shopping carts and for markets that serve 'baby cones'. The kids were very happy about the trip. Even if the clean up was a little more intense than first imagined. 

Ice Cream Cone Cheers!
Hello Family Date night again this last Friday night. We took the kids to see Brave. And they did pretty well sitting through it. As soon as the credits started rolling, Jaxon asked to watch it again. Right NOW!

Daddy and Jax in line for the movie.

Sweet Chloe all cuddled up in the theater in her 'own' seat, treats and blankie.

Hello 'Hawk'! Jaxon was in need of a haircut bad! He is constantly asking for a ponytail because he gets hot (and he can't see). Well Cameron and Hadley came down Friday and they gave me such a hard time about his ponytail! (It's true he did look like a girl.) So Saturday we cut it all off.

He loves it. He keeps checking himself out in the mirror and he just grins and laughs and laughs. He also refers to it as 'The Hawk'. Today he was actually calling in his mohawk, but I kinda want him to forget how to say it and go back to 'The Hawk'. 

 Hello one of the best Monday's we've ever had. One of the babes best friends Evie and her Momma came over to play outside (while Scotty spent the morning fishing). When the husbands got home we then went to Chuck E. Cheese with them and the kiddos other best friends Blake and June. Then to Menchies and finally to the park to play. It was wonderful. I LOVE family days! (more pictures to come.)
Can these girls be any cuter? Seriously!

 I am loving these Hello Monday posts. Sometimes the time goes by and I forget all the great times I have every week. These help me document the days we live. How was your week?

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  1. I love your hello monday posts too! And seriously, your kids are the cutest ever! That picture of Evie and Chloe is to die for!