Saturday, September 22, 2012


Happy Fall! I am so excited that Fall has arrived. In honor of this joyous occasion I thought I would share with you my top 5 things I love about fall.

1. The colors. I love the changing leaves and taking drives up the canyon just to take in all the scenery. And I LOVE the crunch while walking through the leaves!
Alpine Loop. One of my favorite drives. 
2. Pumpkin. I LOVE pumpkin. I love decorating with them, cooking with them and the smell that fills the air while baking delish pumpkin treats.

Not wasting any time. Made a Pumpkin Cake with Cider Caramel Sauce and it was divine. 

3. Jacket weather! Cooler weather means boots, scarves, gloves, hats, sweaters, hoodies, snuggling up with a warm blanket and some hot cocoa (with pumpkin creamer in it of course)
My scarves are in desperate need of some attention. I can't wait!

4. The smells. Pumpkin. Apple. Caramel. Cider. Rain. Leaves. All my favorites.
Pulled out my Fall Scentsy warmer today and some of my Fall candles. 

5.  It's the start the holiday season. I don't decorate much between Spring and Fall. So finally I can busy out the decorations. We have back to back holidays coming up here folks and you know I love any reason to celebrate. Halloween // The Big Birthday // Thanksgiving // Christmas // New Years // My Birthday // Valentines.
Bring. It. On.

What do you love most about Fall?

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