Friday, September 7, 2012

Your questions, My answers. Volume 1

First of all I just want to say thank you to all of you out there reading this. I am currently doing my first giveaway via Jenny at Modern Modest Beauty and hence have gained so many new followers! I cant tell you how happy this makes me. This blog is very new and I am still trying to get into my own grove.

Over the last few weeks I have been asked several questions via comments and emails and thought it would be fun to do a series of question/answer posts. So if you have a question send it my way and it will be answered.

Let's begin.

1. Do you really all have the same birthday?

Yes. Well everyone but me that is. My husband, my son and my daughter all share November 19 as their big day.(hence the name of the blog). And no we did not plan this. At all. I didn't want any of them to share. Birthdays are a big deal around these parts and I wanted each of them to have their own special day. But God had other plans.

I should have known that this would not be the case having my Grandma Betty's genes. She was born on Halloween, and her siblings on Christmas and New Years. Her daughter (my aunt) was born on Valentines Day and I was born on her sons (my uncles) birthday. Are you confused yet?

Anyways...My son Jaxon was born on my husbands 30th birthday. I went into labor the morning before and was sure that he would be born the day before. But after 18 hours in the hospital later he made his appearance. So he was my birthday gift to the hubs. I mean is there a better gift?

Well I knew how much he loved his gift on his 30th birthday that I knew I had to do it again. Ha. So 13 weeks after Jaxon was born (and as a total shock to both of us) I got pregnant with my daughter Chloe. The morning of November 19th 2010 the hubs was getting up to go to work. It was 6:00 am and I still had a week until my due date. I felt fine and got up to use the restroom and all of a sudden massive contractions started. He came in to say goodbye and I told him to call his work and tell them he wouldn't be coming in that day because we had to go to the hospital NOW! Less than 3 hours later, our daughter Chloe was born. Happy Birthday again dear husband!

Don't worry, the following year we did not spend their birthdays at the hospital.

So yes they really all have the same birthday. I am the only one left out. So now I need your advice. When and if we decide to try for another do we plan to make sure to have said baby on November 19th so they aren't left out? Or do we plan to start having them on my birthday and I can have a team of my own? 11-19 vs 02-10? Only time will tell...

*more questions to be answered shortly. But I am tired. And our computer crashed. And crashed like it is totally dead. Never coming back to life, have to by a new one, crashed. So I am currently posting from my phone. And trying to write a post on a phone is much more difficult than on a computer. So my thumbs are tired. Plus the coming answers aren't nearly as long. So send In your questions and I'll get to work on answering the dozen or so more I have already received.


  1. Love you blog. And love that your kids were born on the same day. It's one of my favorite stories to tell people, ha. "I have this friend and her kids and her husband share the same birthday, AND her kids are exactly a year apart." :) It really is a great story!

  2. how crazy they all share the same special day! hahaha. found your blog from the big giveaway! newest follower!

  3. Wow, that's amazing! Love hearing the story to the name of your blog too!
    I say you start planning for a team of your own! ;D

    P.S. Your kids are absolutely adorable!!