Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Favorites v1 {discount alert}

One of my favorite sites to peruse is Etsy. I could look for hours and hours. If only I could buy all the treasures I find on there. Here's a few of my favorite items lately:

Update:  Some of these awesome shops have offered discount codes just for YOU! Scroll down to see the details!

I am in love with this. Hinting to the hubby that he should just buy me this 'just because'.

Bought one of these at Craft Lake City and am dying for more. 
I need a cute case for my iTouch, And this is perfect.

4. Beatles All You Need is Love Burlap Pillow Cover
Guess what? Aneta from Vintage Designs Reborn is offering you 10% off of any order. Just use the code ELEVEN19OFF10
I love pillows and The Beatles, so there's no question here really.

Love this. And you can take it with you if you move. Need this for the kiddos. 

Need 2 of these for the kids. They would love this at church and on long drives. 

I try and clean out my purse often and organize it. But I suck. I never can find anything and when I do finally dump it out I find like 14 lipglosses and 5 packs of gum cause I keep buying more thinking my stuff was really gone. I totally need this. Plus Grey and Yellow Chevron? Score. 
Can't decide where I would put this. In the living room on the book shelves? In the kids room by their books? Or in my room? Maybe I need three.

It's Fall! And you always need a few new scarves. I love the buttons here!

10. Toddler Crochet Cowl
Cherie from SweetKidCo has graciously offered to give you guys 20% off any order placed now through October 15th. Just use the code: kidcowl when ordering.
Seriously? Cutest thing ever. Chloe totally needs this. We can't have her poor little neck getting cold!

So who's buying?

What are you crushing on lately?

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