Thursday, September 20, 2012

Oh Hello Interweb!

I have been out of touch with reality. Ok not really, but I haven't had a computer for 2 and a half weeks. And that feels like I've lost touch with the webosphere (that's a real word right?) The last couple weeks have made me so grateful for smart phones! Without my iPhone I would have gone crazy. Thankfully I still had access to instragram and FB and limited email. The last few weeks of posts have just been from my phone and let me say that using only iPhone pics and 'trying' to edit online is horrible. Now looking over some of my photos I am mortified but whatevs. Life goes on. 

Its amazing how you don't realize how connected to something you are until it's gone. I had so many projects I was working on on my silhouette right when this all happened. So decorations didn't get made and real 'cute' invitations didn't get sent. I had to resort to doing things the old fashioned way. I couldn't print my business cards for my last show, and had to use a friends silhouette to cut out the tags for said show. 

I saw this photo today and it made me laugh. I couldn't stop thinking about all the things I was running around trying to figure out how to do without a computer. 

It sounds so stupid to complain about all this. Things that a few years ago wouldn't have mattered at all to me. But anyways...I have a computer again! A good friend of ours offered to build a new one for us when out laptop AND desktop crashed. And I am a happy girl. Still trying to download/install all the programs I need and get everything situated. But things are looking up. 

So thanks for sticking around.  


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