Thursday, September 27, 2012

WIWW: Book Club Edition

I know this is a day late. But yesterday was crazy busy. Shopping, cleaning, baking, Activity Days and then Book Club. I didn't have time to post, but I'm actually posting What I Wore on WEDNESDAY this week. Not just what I wore sometime during the week and posting on Wednesday. So it totally counts.

You all know how I love my book club. It's pretty much the coolest book club around. (We call it a book club cause it makes us sound smart.) Ha. No we really do read and chat about the book (even if it's only for 5 minutes some months.--It really depends on the book). But telling our husbands that we 'Have Book Club tonight" sounds better than "I need my fix of girl chat, gossip and calories."

Anyways, my lovely friend Dari hosted this month and it was a blast. She is always a great host. We always have dinner at Book Club and one of our favorite things to do is a Salad Bar and all bring a bunch of different toppings. We did that again this month and it was delicious. I also picked up some donuts from Beyond Glaze and they made a yummy dessert. This past month we read Cinder by Marisa Meyer.

After dinner/vent session/gossip/girl chat/book talk we did some crafting. We all made some glitter pumpkins. We chatted for too long to by the time we started the craft it was pitch black. So for blindly crafting I think they turned out pretty rad. (Thanks Dari for setting it up and buying all the supplies!)

{Pants: Old Navy, Blouse: Gap, Sweater: Kohls, Boots: Steve Madden via Nordstrom}

{Watch: Michael Kors, Bracelets Left to right: Lucky, Target, CottonOn, Lucky, Earrings: pepper ann's locket}

Some of my BCB's. 

Dari chose The Fault in Our Stars by John Green for our next book.

Do you have a book club? Read anything good lately? I am hosting next month which means I get to pick the book next month so I need some suggestions.


  1. The outfit is great and LOVE those pumpkins!
    Visiting from WIWW.

  2. Pretty outfit.
    Your book club sounds fabulous! I want a book club.
    Those pumpkins are so fun. Love them. I need to make some. :-)

  3. That outfit is super darling. Looks like you guys had tons of fun at book club! Next time, next time.:)

  4. a.) super cute outfit! I still haven't ventured out and bought colored pants yet - they are soooo cute on everyone but I'm afraid they won't be so cute on me. haha. and b.) I just showed my mom the pumpkin project - so cute and I think we might just have to try it!! thanks for the idea!!

  5. I LOVED your outfit and I loved book club tons too!! You ladies are the best! Thanks for driving all the way to my house :)