Monday, September 17, 2012

Hello Monday: 5k Edition

Saturday was the big day for the Run the Rave that I have been getting ready for. The last couple months I have been slacking in the fitness section of my life (hence the lack of Stop Being Fat posts). So I was a bit worried going into it. But I completed it! And I feel accomplished. I know for you runners out there that a 5k is weak sauce, but for me a NON runner it was a big deal.

The run was Saturday night out at Saltair. We ran out along the Great Salt Lake and it stunk as we trampled through the mud with hardly any light. But it was still a great time. We got all dressed up for it and wore glow sticks and such and Whit and I got crazy at the half way point with all the paint.

Thanks ladies for a great night!!!


  1. You gals are AWESOME!!! Yeah - 5K's are not easy for me. Once I ran one with my sister and luckily her little boy was running it too, so I had an excuse to go slow, because I was DYING...I need to run more, my poor little heart doesn't get much cardio. Love all these pictures, super cute!

  2. I loved this night and I love you bitches ha ha!! We are awesome!