Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hello Monday! ....or Wednesday

I thought I had this post scheduled to post on Monday, apparently I didn't. So I'm a little late to the party, but whatev..

Hello to a last minute get together with friends that included smores, jumping on the trampoline, the kids chasing around chickens and dogs, a 'no boys allowed' club house, good friends and good food. (Thanks Dlayne & Nichole!)

Hello to a scrapbooking warehouse sale. Where I may have spent double my original  limit I set for myself. 

Hello to sweet Chloe who found part of her costume from last Halloween and has been wearing this hat the majority of the week.

Hello to my insomniac son Jaxon (must take after his momma) who came to join me at 3am on Wednesday to watch my shows. Can we say bed head?

Hello to my new favorite bracelet. My sweet friends husband found this from a street vendor in Mexico and told his wife I needed it. I LOVE it. Thanks guys!

Hello to my new DVR that will hopefully work better than our previous one that kept overheating. And goodbye to all of my shows that were recorded on my old one. I'm still angry that I lost the entire 4th season of SOA (And a ton of other stuff!)

Hello to the first line I've ever stood in for a yard sale! But it was a good one, and I am so happy I went. Especially since I got awesome stuff and spent only $24! That's my idea of scoring some treasures!

Hello to date night with my hubby. (Yes another one!) We went to dinner and a movie with another couple, and when we saw the 'Chubby Burgers' on the menu we had to try it. Yes that is a grilled cheese sandwich as the bun for the burger! So good! I could only finish half. And my stomach still feels a little heavy from all the junk I had that night.

Hello to the cheese curds that came with the burger. So good, but man my body can't handle food like that anymore.

Hello to breakfast with two friends that lasted for 3 and a half hours. We didn't realize how long we had been at Kneaders until one of the workers (who had already checked on us numerous times) asked if we wanted to order anything for lunch. Then checking the time, we rushed home to our understanding husbands.  Oh how adult conversation can be so welcomed when stuck at home with kids all day.

Hello to Scott, Jaxon and Chloe's half birthday! Yes they are all share the same birthday! The party planner in me hates it! So I had to celebrate their half birthday as well. 

They were spoiled for the day. Delicious donuts from Beyond Glaze. Balloons. Cupcakes and candles. A Mini Party and lots of friends stopping by for some fun and playtime!

I busted out some of the decorations I made for their party in November and was able to get some more use out of them :)

Hello to one of the treasures I found at said yard sale. This adorable table and chairs set only cost me $5! And Jaxon and Chloe LOVE it. Money well spent I tell ya!

Hello to finding out on Sunday that I got accepted to sell at Craft Lake City! I am completely shocked and nervous. And sooooo excited. I thought it was a long shot when I applied. So I better get crafting. And I better see you all there in August!

It was a crazy busy week. We leave for Florida next week so this week is looking even busier. I am ready for a nap. How was your week?

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