Monday, May 28, 2012

Hello Monday!

Hello backyard BBQ with friends earlier this week. Thanks Jenn for having us over.

Hello to my lovely ladies at Book Club. It was a splendid night. Thanks for hosting Nichole, and for teaching us how to make some awesome earrings. You are the best.
Aren't these the cutest!?! And the picture doesn't even do them justice. Anyone interested in making some? I want to throw and earring party. Nichole has tons of styles to choose from and you can paint them any color you want.
Hello to taking Whitney to the airport. And for kiddos dancing in the backseat along our drive. They sure love Auntie Whitney.

Hello to an afternoon of shopping at City Creek. Thanks Cam and Hads for coming down and joining us. The kids love seeing you. (As so I).

Hello to kids that love the fountains. Chloe loves to look at them and touch them. While Jaxon wants the full impact. He was soaking wet afterwards. Good thing we had a change of clothes!

Hello to having a Zumba partner Saturday morning. It's been a while, so thanks Dari! It was fun.

Hello to celebrating with Meagan for her birthday. We had a blast and hope she had an amazing birthday. I'm sure our 'barking' waiter at 2am totally made your day. But the karaoke, dancing and food was great. It's always such a fun time going out with you ladies!

Hello to a husband who has to work every holiday. Thankfully I have sweet friends that include the kids and I in their festivities.
We went to Menchies after dinner. The kids were in Heaven.

Jaxon right before a tantrum over the chalkboard eraser ensued.

Hello to my sweet kiddos that love helping me in the kitchen. Last minute we decided to take cookies over for dessert at our friends house tonight. These are the easiest cookies to make ever! And the kids could not wait for them to be done.

And finally Hello to all of the men and women that have given everything to protect our my freedoms. Thank you for doing what I have never had the courage to do. You don't get enough credit, thanks and praise. You are true Heroes and I will forever be grateful.

How was your week? What are you looking forward to this week? We leave for Florida in less than 48 hours and I can't wait! (Although I haven't even started packing yet.) Here's hoping that the kids will handle the long flight well.

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