Friday, May 18, 2012

Stop Being Fat! Friday.

Sometimes I wish I could transform my body overnight. Okay that's a lie. I ALWAYS wish this. Wouldn't it be nice if once I decided to be 'healthy' the pounds would come right off, if my muscles would magically define themselves and my saggy (baby belly) would tighten right up? I would totally be able to maintain a skinny body right? But the truth is I couldn't. Not without learning how to do it the RIGHT way. I have dropped pounds on many crash diets over the years and I always gained it back. So why do I think this time would be different? When I fantasize about being instantly skinny HEALTHY, I need to remember to think of all the times I gained the weight back. That I have to my permanent changes in order to achieve this goal. Sometimes easier said than done. 

This week I haven't been as 'good' at watching what I eat and making it to the gym. And when I was a couple pounds up on the scale on Tuesday, I realized that I'm not strong enough yet. I still give in to temptation too easily. Whether it be a cookie, choosing more sleep rather than going to the gym, or a wussy workout, I needed to get motivated again. So Wednesday I kicked it up a notch. Both Wednesday and Thursday I got 2 workouts in, (to make up for the laziness of the weekend). And now instead of being a couple pounds up I am now a pound less. I'm glad I'm not up, but if I didn't allow myself to gain I would be 3 lbs less. Ugh. It's always going to be a struggle. Anyways...I thought this week I would share some of my favorite 'snacks' that keep me from falling off the wagon.

Bagel Thins: I LOVE these. They are just as chewy as a regular bagel just a little slimmer. I love the Cinnamon Raisin ones for breakfast and I love making a sandwich for lunch on either the Plain, Whole Wheat and especially the Everything ones. They are very filling and only 110 calories. Score!

Sometimes I just get bored with water. So to keep me drinking it and not reaching for another Diet Coke I love Crystal Light. I'm over the Lemonade ones though. I really like the strawberry orange banana, but my FAVORITE is the Grape. It takes like kool aid. I am obsessed with this stuff. I even stash my purse with packets so I always have it with me. 

I love the chocolaty chewy goodness of these. They are so good. They are a good 'treat' and alot of days they are my go to breakfast. 

Love pop chips! Lately I have been loving the new Sweet Potato Flavor and the Parmesan Garlic. They are delicious and really cure that 'chip' craving. 

Have any of you tried Tofu Noodles? Sometimes I just want 'pasta'. Whether it be with a cheese sauce, marinara, or with sweet and sour chicken, I have been loving these noodles. They taste a little different than normal pasta. The flavor is great (just be sure to rinse them very well.) but the texture is a little off. But its hardly noticeable, especially once you get all that delicious sauce going. It's a great low calorie low carb replacement for pasta. Seriously only 20 calories a serving!  I buy mine at Good Earth. They are in the refrigerated section by the produce. 

So here's to a new week. I had to physically write down some motivators for me to get my butt in gear again. Once written down I placed it on my fridge, so every time I reach for the cookie dough (that I bought to make for a meeting that I ended up taking something else to. Ugh) I will see the list and stop myself.

In case you can't read them here's whats been motivating me.
* 100 Days to Summer Weight Loss Challenge ends in 4 weeks. This is one of the Challenges I am in and it was started by my cousin. My husband Scott has been doing it with me and we have been doing it for the last 10 weeks. We are down to the final month so we want to end with a bang!

*Zumba challenge ends in 3 weeks. This is the other weight loss challenge I am doing. It was put together by my Zumba instructor. And that ends now in 2 weeks. I have been doing it with my friend Meagan for the last 5 or 6 weeks and I really need to kick it up a notch.

*Florida-New Swim Suits. We are going to Florida in 2 weeks and I can't wait. I also have to buy some new swimming suits. The last few years I've been in maternity swim suits and XXL suits. And I'm excited to say that those won't cut it this year. This is the first time in years that I have to buy a new suit because all of mine are too big! Wahoo! But it's still a swim suit, and I still have a ways to go until I am where I want to be,  so I have to hit the gym more often!

*Old Navy Coupon- Ha. I have a coupon for 3 pairs of jeans at half off the reg price that expires next week. I have wanted to use it for weeks now but haven't let myself. Not until I was down a size. New colored denim here I come!

What are some of your favorite snacks? I would love to get some new ideas! What keeps you motivated? Let me know. Cause if you don't I might have to open the package of cookie dough in my fridge and start baking. And I really shouldn't....


  1. You are doing so awesome! I wouldn't let myself buy new clothes either and I was so excited when I fit in a Medium dress at Old Navy! I have been an extra large!!!

    My motivation is: I hate my job. I want to be a Sheriff already. I have to get fit and healthy.... It works! lol.

    1. You're in a Medium! Good job Kerrstyn! That is awesome. And you WILL be a sheriff. Keep at it :)

  2. For some reason it didn't post my name. This is Kerrstyn. :)

  3. whenever I do weight watchers I find myself eating a lot of egg whites. very very low calorie and you can make them whatever flavor you want (ie adding onions or peppers or even seasoning) that would be great with those bagel thins! also fruit salad! taking some apples, pineapple, bannanas, mandarian oranges (in juice not syrup!) and grapes and mixing them with some lemon juice and a little bit of honey! It will last forever (cause of the lemon juice) and its super yummy! my favorite way of getting my 5 a day and keeping the calories low! I go back to the fridge to pick at the fruit instead of going to the cabinent for crisps :)

    1. I need to make the switch to Egg Whites. And I am totally trying out the fruit salad. I have never added the honey and lemon and always get mad when it goes bad so fast. Thanks!!!

  4. I also like egg whites wrapped in a wheat tortilla with a little cheese on top. I love edamame for a snack too. And the cookie dough balance fitness bars are delicious, I eat them after a workout or for a midday snack...maybe a good replacement for real cookie dough?

    Ps. You are awesome and inspiring.
    Pss. Love pop chips!!!!

  5. Oh and have you ever tried mojo bars (clif brand)?? They are so so good, and mostly organic too! I think they have them at target now, in the fitness bars section by the pharmacy.

    1. Totally trying out those bars. Ditto on edamame. And the cookie dough balance bars? Um where have I been. I need those NOW!