Friday, May 11, 2012

Stop being Fat! Friday.

Dieting is hard. Anytime I have done a diet (and that has been numerous times over my life) I eventually get fed up and quit. I lose some and then end up gaining it all (plus some) back. I think its all the negative feelings associated around the word DIET. So I have decided that I will NEVER diet again. Instead I WILL get healthy! I am making changes to my lifestyle that I will be able to live with forever.

First off I love food. I enjoy cooking, baking and going out to dinner. I don't want to feel deprived. (Plus I can have all the FREE Five Guys Burgers & Fries I want, so I have to splurge sometimes) So if I want a cookie I have one, I just make adjustments to allow for my treats. I try to get an extra workout in that week or I go a little lighter on my remaining meals that day.

My biggest vice? Diet Coke. I know I know. It's not good for me. I have cut way down, but I still have it. It's my 'treat'. It satisfies my sweet tooth. So if my 'treat' most days is a zero calorie treat, then so be it. It's better than a cookie (or 5). I have gone without it many times while dieting becoming healthy, but when I do I have found myself to eat much more sweets. So like I previously said, I am making changes that I can live with. So I still allow myself Diet Coke, just not nearly as much as I used to drink.

I thought I'd share some of the things that have really helped me thus far on my journey.

Scotty and I both got gym passes to Planet Fitness about 2 months ago and I am loving it. I had a pass to 24 Hour Fitness for years but I am loving Planet Fitness way better. Plus I have unlimited guest privileges, so if anyone wants to come with me I would love the company. But my usual time to go is around 2am and I understand that most of you are sleeping then...

I have been obsessed with these lately. They are packed with B vitamins that totally boost your energy. They also are full of amino acids, minerals, electrolytes and antioxidants. They only have 10 calories and you can get a 60 day supply at Costco for around $22. One Diet I did years ago was Lindora (while I was living in California)  I used to go in for daily Vitamin B injections. It was crazy expensive but I had tons of energy. These have just has much B Vitamins as in the injections. And they are about $0.35 a day as opposed to anywhere from $15-50 each. They really help to give me energy and help with metabolism. 

I love Zumba. Whether its going to a class or playing Wii Zumba it's such a good workout. And it's so fun. I've even gotten my mom turned on to it and she loves it too. It burns so many calories and it's so much more fun than any other type of exercise. Scotty, Jaxon and Chloe love playing Wii Zumba too, it's a great family activity :)

I wish I would have actually taken a before photo, but I did not. But here are a couple of pictures from last summer a few months after I found my love for zumba.

And here are a few of recent ones. I need to take better full body ones. Almost every picture on my memory card right now is waist up. So when I finally charge my camera I will take some new ones.

 So far I have lost 52 pounds. I still have a ways to go, but I'm getting there. Next week I'll share some of my favorite go to foods while cutting calories. What are your secrets? Vices? I love to hear about yours!


  1. You're beautiful! I hate dieting... and I hate working out. Add that with the fact that I love food and eating, it's a bad combination. I've started walking and maybe I'll pick Zumba back up again!

  2. Girl you look so good!! I can really tell the difference! And in scotty as well- he looks really slimmed down as well! I know how you feel- I had a gym membership in the states and used to go quite often. After I moved to Ireland I couldnt afford the gyms here (so expensive!!)and the weather is so bad its hard for me to get outside...I quickly gained 30 pounds (homesickness had something to do with that) and havn't really lost any of it yet! Your pictures are super motivating!

  3. I've told you a million times already, but you really do look great.

  4. You look AMAZING! Being healthy is hard work. Changing your lifestyle is really hard! But soo worth it! Way to go!!! How do you work out at 2am? Those B vitamins really must work!

  5. You are the bomb. 52?? Thats's amazing!! And you are totally doing it right by being aware of what you eat and adjusting!! Crash diets NEVER many did I do?? Good for you Amanda!! You look amazing :) but you've always been beautiful, i miss you dearly