Monday, May 14, 2012

Hello Monday.

 Hello Monday.

Hello to feeling totally grateful after a wonderful Mother's Day.

Hello sweet Mother's Day gifts.

 Hello sweet babes always trying to help Momma Cook.

Their sweet aprons are from here.

Hello to my new found packaging for treats. I was taking cookies to some friends this week and realized that I was out of paper plates. I have tons of jars, so I used them instead. And I think they look adorable. Cute right? I tied some twine around and attached a simple tag and they looked darling. Wish I would have got a photo of the finished product.

Hello to beautiful Mother's Day flowers.

Hello to breakfast in bed for Mother's Day.

Hello to my favorite cookies from Harmons. My hubby knows me well. And Mother's Day was a free day right? Everything was zero calories!

Hello to a lunch date with Nichole, Evie, Chloe and Jaxon to Jason's Deli. 

Hello to not just one date this week but TWO! Crazy I know. The first, we doubled with Nichole and Justin to see The Avengers and we got some delicious Malawi's Pizza. And then for Mother's Day we had some delicious Mexican food from La Fuente and then my husband took me to see The Lucky One. I love date nights!

Hello to getting a flat tire on the freeway while taking home the babysitters. And to top it off, after we got the spare on, my battery was dead and we had to jump it. Ha. Hello to having to buy not just one but 2 new tires. 

Hello to my Book Club ladies. I was going through my phone and came across this picture we took of a few of us at our last meeting in April. I can't wait to see you ladies next week!

Hello to my sister Maddie and my brother Cameron who both had birthdays this week. Love you guys!

I don't think they actually ate a bite of the cake. Rather just made a mess of themselves, the high chairs and the kitchen, and eventually the shower where we took them to hose them off.

Cameron doesn't like 'cake' or any baked goods at all really. So we built him a cake out of gummy bears instead. But Jaxon insisted that we 'Cook Cammy Cake.' So he and Chloe get a little small cake to share. 

Jaxon was all about the candles. His favorite things are birthdays. Must take after his Momma. Too bad he has to share his with his sister and his Dad.

Happy Monday to all of you! How was your week? This week I'm hoping to say Hello to the gym and Zumba again. Last week wasn't the best and only made it to Zumba once and the gym twice. This week will be better. Also looking forward to my 'shows' tonight and praying that my DVR who has been a little sick (aka overheating?) will feel better and record them all.

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