Thursday, May 3, 2012

Oh Sweet Sadie!

My friends Nichole, Dlayne and I have a booth at Oh Sweet Sadie this weekend. You should come on by. They have some amazing booths with some awesome stuff to sell. The show is Friday and Saturday at SoDa Row in Daybreak. And there is an opening night party tonight at 6:00pm with live music and prizes and such.
I'd love to see you there!

The set up was last night, and we have some cute stuff to sell! The booth just needs to be stocked with a bit more product, but it's coming along. Here's a sneak peak.

New Comic Lamp Shades

Scotty is hoping these don't sell and we 'have' to keep them

I wouldn't mind keeping the book page shades.

Nichole has some new prints to sell.

It's coming along...

What do you guys think? Like the new product?


  1. My Goodness Girl. You are so creative and crafty!!!

    Marvelous. I will try and stop by.

  2. Do you sell your items online as well? Or out of your home?

  3. I've sold a few things out of my home and I am hoping to get some things up on Etsy this month.